3.2.3. Updating the RMG-Py Source Code

It is recommended to keep yourself up to date with the latest patches and bug fixes by RMG developers, which is maintained on the official repository at https://github.com/ReactionMechanismGenerator/RMG-Py/ You can view the latest changes by viewing the commits tab on the repository. To update your source code, you can “pull” the latest changes from the official repo by typing the following command in the Command Prompt

cd RMG-Py
git pull https://github.com/ReactionMechanismGenerator/RMG-Py.git master

We also recommend updating the RMG-database regularly. The repo itself can be found at https://github.com/ReactionMechanismGenerator/RMG-database/

cd RMG-database
git pull https://github.com/ReactionMechanismGenerator/RMG-database.git master

For more information about how to use the Git workflow to make changes to the source code, please refer to the handy Git Tutorial