3. Installation


For questions related to installing or using RMG please post an issue on the RMG-Py GitHub repository. You can also search for your problem on the issues page to see if there are already solutions in development. Alternatively, you can email us at rmg_dev@mit.edu

3.2. Alternative Install: Binary Installation Using Anaconda

If you are accustomed to using the Anaconda package manager or cannot tolerate the storage overhead of Docker, installation from conda is also available. This is recommended for users who want to use RMG out of the box and are not interested in changing the RMG code or making many additions to RMG’s thermodynamic and kinetics databases. If this does interest you, please see the Developer Install below.

3.3. Developer Install: Installation from Source

RMG-Py can now be built by source using the Anaconda Python Platform to assist in installing all necessary dependencies. This is recommended for a developer who may be altering the RMG source code or someone who expects to manipulate the databases extensively. You will also be able to access the latest source code updates and patches through Github.

3.4. Archive of Unsupported Installation Methods

Below are old installation techniques that are no longer supported, including instructions for installation without using Anaconda and the old installation instructions for Windows. These instructions are no longer maintained, and are not recommended for use.

3.5. Dependencies

Please visit the page below for detailed information on all of RMG’s dependencies and their license restrictions