Standalone tools

The ARC repository includes various stand-alone scripts, able to perform useful tasks using ARC’s functions and methods without spawning actual ESS jobs. These scripts are available as iPython Jupyter notebooks under the ipython folder.

ARC ESS diagnostics

This tool will search all servers defined in ARC’s settings file, and report on the different ESS it finds.


This tool uses ARC’s method to generate force field conformers.

Delete all ARC jobs

This tool will delete all jobs on the selected server that have job names starting with a_.

WARNING: This script might cause unintentional loss of data (running jobs). Make sure you understand exactly what you are doing and what it does before executing it. I might delete non-ARC related jobs, and it will delete ARC jobs of all projects you are currently running on that server/s.

Determine harmonic frequencies scaling factor

This tool uses Truhlar’s method to determine frequency scaling factors for the user’s choice of level of theory.

External symmetry and optical isomers

This tool calculates external symmetry and number of optical isomers (1 or 2) from 3D coordinates.

OneDMin script

This tool assist in determination of r_min and r_max for a OneDMin calculation by visualizing the bath gas at these distances from the center of mass of the target species.


This perception tool returns SMILES for given 3D coordinates.

Plot xyz

This is a plotter tool for 3D coordinates.

Visualize 1D Torsion scan

This is a plotter tool for 1D torsion scans.

Visualize 2D Torsion scan

This is a plotter tool for 2D torsion scans created by ARC (the YAML file created by ARC is necessary to visuallize this map). The user can also change the color pam and resolution of the resulting image.

Specifying a combination of two pivots will show a 3D representation of the respective conformer with the closest dihedrals to the ones specified.